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Appraisal, Sale, and Acquisition of Rare Items, Collectibles & Antiques

Eagles Corps International, LLC offers expert consultation services for the valuation, sale, and acquisition of rare items, artifacts, antiques, and collectibles. Our services include:

  • Appraisal: Accurate valuation of your rare items to determine their market worth.
  • Sale and Acquisition: Assistance in buying or selling rare items through our extensive network.
  • Liquidation: Efficient and profitable liquidation of life-long collections.

We collaborate with national and international auction houses, collectors, and specialists to ensure:

  • Highest Return on Investment: Maximizing the value of your items.
  • Safety and Security: A secure and discrete handling process.
  • Expediency: Swift and efficient transactions.

Our commitment is to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for our clients.

How We Handle Valuation & Auction

We can assist in planning the sale of your most treasured items and collections. Often families are left with the arduous task of finding a reputable outlet for massed collections without the knowledge their loved one obtained over years of passionate collecting. We will assist in the development of a plan that will help and guide your family in the sale of your collection when you are no longer able to enjoy your lifelong passion.

Military Antiques


Entertainment & Music Memorabilia

Vintage Musical Instruments

Comic Books

Sports Collectibles


Rare Coins

Rare & Exotic Automobiles

Political Memorabilia

Rare Documents & Books


Extensive Experience for Best Return on Investment

We have extensive experience with a broad variety of memorabilia with noted examples including:

Military artifacts and medals, rare automobiles, motorcycles and ephemera, vintage posters, movie and film memorabilia, Pre-1960 sports items, autographs, rare and historical documents, art, coins, pre-1970 comic books and comic art, vintage musical instruments and rock-n-roll memorabilia, political items, vintage toys, Americana, and other related items.