Our History

Eagles Corps International, LLC began in 1995 with the introduction of a direct sales journal focusing on military aviation history and artifacts. With the onset of online auction and sales venues, Eagles Corps International, LLC transitioned into both a consulting and sales venue for a wide range of rare collectibles and memorabilia. Dr. Dom Lisi, CEO and founder of Eagles Corps International, LLC has spent a lifetime immersed in collecting, researching, and treasure hunting, that has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to his passion. Today, Eagles Corps International, LLC has grown to include the sale and acquisition of everything from rare exotic and vintage sports cars to comic books. We’ve assisted clients internationally, and stand ready to help fulfill your collecting dreams. We are also available to assist you or your family in the need to responsibly sell your treasured items or collection. 

Dr. Dominick J. Lisi

Dr. Lisi has served for over thirty years as an educator and leader in educational organizations. However, his love of collecting began at an early age by amassing an extensive collection of baseball cards and related memorabilia. This passion quickly developed into hosting and promoting shows at the age of 13 where he created the first series of sports memorabilia shows in the Central New York region. His passion for history led to a career as a history teacher at both the junior and senior high school levels and a school district leader. Dr. Lisi earned a master’s degree from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY and a doctorate from St. John Fisher University in Rochester, NY. 

Although he enjoys serving the community as an educator, his love of history inspired the creation of Eagles Corps International, LLC. As a collector for over 40 years with extensive knowledge of sports memorabilia, militaria, exotic and sports cars, vinyl records, and more, Dr. Lisi has created a full-service auction venue catering to those with large, unique, and specialized collections.

James Blow

Director of Operations and Acquisitions — Eagles Corps International – West

James has been fascinated with collecting for most of his life. Growing up in a small northern NY town, his passion for collecting started when his great uncle gave him his first pocket knife. From that moment onward, a fervent enthusiasm for both collecting and delving into the item’s historical origins took hold.  

With a background of 20 plus years in management and sales, he has taken that passion and has brought it to Eagles Corps International, LLC. With over 30 years of collecting under his belt. James has acquired knowledge in the fields of Militaria, Sports Memorabilia, Designer and Costume Jewelry, and Vintage Toys as well as many other fields. James eagerly anticipates ensuring your experience with Eagles Corps is characterized by the utmost professionalism, seamlessness, and enjoyment!

Scott Kraska

Owner of Bay State Militaria
Scott Kraska is the owner of Bay State Militaria in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, where he runs the New Ipswich Museum of History, a 3000 sq. ft. history learning center. We are excited to add Scott and Bay State Militaria & Antiques as an Eagles Corps International, LLC Affiliate. Scott and Bay State Militaria offer some of the most outstanding militaria available on the market and update their website almost every Wednesday evening at 8 pm EST. Scott will also be adding to the Eagles Corps Auctions and will take part in our regular militaria auction offerings.

    A Dealer and Collector in the Military Collectibles marketplace, Scott has been buying and selling Militaria for over 40 years. His clients are collectors, veterans, museums, and people just like you. “Smart collecting is a matter of patience. Not jumping at things- but waiting for authentic items to bubble out of the attics and basements of America, and emerge into the marketplace. Remember, “If it looks too good to be true”, it probably is!”. Know whom you are dealing with and ask a LOT of questions. You are investing hard-earned money- do it wisely.”

 New Ipswich, NH

We are growing! Join the Corps!

Contact Dominick@eaglescorps.com for information regarding opportunities in your area. Are you an avid collector with an entrepreneurial background? If so, we are interested in speaking with you. Eagles Corps International, LLC is growing throughout the U.S. and is actively seeking agents and locations.